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             The M Series by CR Onsrud

The M Series may be the smallest moving gantry CNC router in the C.R. Onsrud line-up, but don't be fooled into thinking it's any less of a workhorse than bigger machines in our product line. C.R. Onsrud incorporates the same detailed engineering, workmanship and quality of materials into every machine we manufacture – no matter how small or large. The M Series CNC router boasts rigid frame construction, highly responsive drive mechanisms, and many more of the top-end features you'd expect to find on our bigger models. Our competitors may say we've over-engineered this model, but we just happen to think they've under-engineered theirs. We want you to have a CNC machine you can grow your business with, not just get by for now. With the M-Series, we give you the power, precision, speed and strength to do big things with this robust CNC platform, without any fears your machine gives out before you do.

                 C Series By CR Onsrud

For our customers demanding rigidity and accuracy we deliver with the cast-iron Super Duty Series of CNC router from C.R. Onsrud. When you cut man-made materials most of the time, our heavy, Pro Series machines are fully capable of getting the job done. But, if your primary materials are solid wood or non-ferrous metal (both of which create significantly more vibrations), then you definitely need the additional dampening ability of a cast iron bridge . The inherent properties of cast iron bridge construction deliver a greater ability to absorb and dampen cutting vibrations generated, which helps to minimize the amount of vibration transferred to the spindle. We believe you'll quickly discover the cast iron frame design of the "Super Duty" Series simply outperforms the competition. Overall weight, mass, and rigidity of the machine promotes faster feed rates, deeper per pass cutting, better finishes, longer tool life and less maintenance over the lifetime of your machine’s operation. With the Super Duty Series fixed bridge positioned across the width of the twin table configuration – the machine footprint uses half the floor space of a typical "fixed gantry" machine. This design allows the ultimate in operator flexibility as tables can be run, loaded and offloaded independently without interrupting the adjacent table’s cutting cycle. This platform can also operate in slave mode with the two tables electronically locked together for the occasional large part which needs span across both tables. The flexibility of having 100% cutting time (pendulum processing) for your daily production, combined with the larger part capabilities ensures the Super Duty Series will always be making you money.

G Series By CR Onsrud

The largest moving gantry CNC router in our line-up is the Pro Series. This machine is particularly well suited for large, continuous panel and sheet processing operations. This fixed table - moving bridge design saves valuable floor space in your facility, keeps the price down, and still offers the full range of useful options (such as additional tool changers, multi- spindle drilling heads and more). The incredible throughput and productivity of our Pro Series design gives you the heavy cutting and high material removal rates you demand – and can easily break down full sheets of 1-1/2" thick plywood, laminates, veneers, or aluminum plate at super fast feed rates while operating under continuous duty conditions. We’ve engineered this CNC router to help absorb many of the cutting vibrations normally associated with heavier cutting applications and operations, which eliminates time-stealing inefficiencies – thus high-volume panel processors and cabinetmakers love the flexibility and production capabilities the stout Pro Series design affords. Additionally, the lower purchase price opens up the benefits of a large table-size-to-cost ratio to a variety of industries, making the Pro Series moving gantry style CNC machine by C.R. Onsrud the logical choice for high volume manufacturing and reduced start-up costs.

RH Series By CR Onsrud

C.R. Onsrud RH Series (Roller Hold Down) CNC routers provide the ultimate in flexibility for CNC routing – single sheet / stacked sheet, small part / large part, rollers engaged / disengaged – delivering the capability and flexibility of having multiple CNC machines for the cost (and footprint) of one. The rugged, fixed bridge design of our RH Series machines feature 2 fully automated rollers on each side of the cutting spindle envelope, which engage the sheet material to maintain firm contact with the router’s table. The RH design makes this machine perfect for holding down warped stock, multiple stacked sheets, or when machining narrow, low surface area parts. Each roller offers full, independent control over regulating holding pressure, which serves to prevent premature wear and tear (which may occur on other brands) due to continuous slamming of rollers into the table and/or raw material. It is important to understand the rollers are designed to supplement (not replace) the standard vacuum holding, creating optimal performance and maximum speed without moving parts. The RH Series is an established CNC workhorse in our industry and we continue to add the options and improvements needed by our customers to keep them outperforming the competition! This machine is at the top of its class, and truly one to be reckoned with for its extremely powerful multi-sheet, nested-base capabilities. In addition to the superior cutting speed, and accuracy it delivers, the rigid fixed bridge CNC machine can become the backbone of a totally automated production line, offering even greater efficiencies to your operation. Material handling, part identification, pusher sweeper, debris collection, automated infeed/outfeed tables, robotic arm loading and more are all components which deliver time-savings and world-class production power when mated to the RH Series by C.R. Onsrud.

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