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Deburring refers to the process of smoothing the rough edges of a metal object or component. To some, a part is considered deburred when its vertical burr is removed. To others, a part isn’t fully deburred until it has a radius on each edge.

Metals- Deburring


Metal finishing refers to the process of altering a material’s surface to enhance its quality and aesthetic. Metal can also be finished to prepare its surface for paint adhesion or achieving a specific micro-inch finish.

The most common type of metal finish is a straight-line or grain finish for decorative purposes. In most cases, this process can be accomplished using standard abrasive belts. However, depending on the type of material, the desired result may require a combination of abrasive belts and brush heads.

Metals- Finishing

Edge Rounding

Edge rounding can refer to all actions that break the edge of a metal part. However, it is most commonly associated with the creation of a radius to the edge of a part. Rather than simply removing sharpness or deburring, edge rounding breaks a metal component’s edge in order to improve its surface for coating coverage and protect it from corrosion.

Metals- Edge Rounding


Grinding with the express goal of removing material and decreasing material variation. This process removes the exterior oxide layer/skin and grinds the material much like a surface grinder – only using a wide belt abrasive.

Metals- Calibration

Heavy Slag Removal

Heavy slag is produced during thermal cutting operations, including Oxy-Fuel and Plasma Cutting. However, High Definition Plasma Cutters and Lasers often do not produce enough dross and slag to fall into this category. Bear in mind that the process in which these metal parts are de-slagged is incredibly specific, and the machines involved rarely need to be reconfigured as a result. That’s why all of our slag grinders fall into the same category.

Metals- Heavy Slag Removal

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