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Mini-Belt, Dry

The Mini-Belt is a revamped version of the original Timesavers 6-48. This machine has been a favorite among hobbyists, as well as, smaller metalworking shops who require the ability to perform light metal finishing and deburring without being able to justify the cost of a production machine.

1100 Series, Wet

Timesavers Model 1100 series machines have a 9” wide conveyor belt, and have been an industry standard for over forty years. Thousands of these simple and economical machines are currently in the field deburring and finishing small parts. The combination of a small footprint and a minimal power requirement allow this model to easily be placed where the need is greatest. Simple operation and controls require only minutes of training for an operator to effectively produce finished parts.

Lynx Series, Wet

Timesavers LYNX Series is available in 19” and 37” widths, and can be configured for both metal finishing and deburring. The 19” machine is available with up to 4 heads, is equipped with high sanding belt horsepower, and is the ideal machine for grinding and finishing rectangular tube or flat bar stock. The 37” machine can be built with up to 3 wide belt and brush heads. The LYNX Series is a complete package with integrated coolant system to cool parts and increase abrasive belt life; this system uses a media paper to filter the coolant before being re-circulated. A high-pressure air knife system dries your parts as they exit the machine.

Puma Series, Wet

Timesavers PUMA series is engineered, designed, and built for 24/7 operations. The PUMA is available in one to four heads in any combination of wide belt abrasive heads and brush heads, and in 37" and 52" widths. Maintenance and upkeep on the PUMA series machines is designed to be simple; operators can easily access both sides of the machine, which allows them the ability to spray down the entire machine at the end of the shift to extend service intervals. The PUMA is your best choice for the demanding needs of deburring and finishing in a production setting.

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