Applications for edgebanding are so varied that it's impossible to find a single supplier who meets the needs of the entire market.  At Quis, we have relationships with several suppliers and can work with you to define your needs and recommend the most cost-effective solution.  For artisans and custom builders, Putsch offers European quality and technology at a price point that will meet your budget.  For uncompromising durability and edge quality, IMA provides simply the best technology available today.  We have other solutions if your needs fall in between these two extremes.  Let's talk!

EBP 320 By Putsch

The EBP 320 is a simple edgebander that is a welcome addition in any small workshop.  This highly compact unit is capable of handling 0-1-2 mm thick edgebanding and is made for fast start-up with a quick-heating glue pot.

EBP 420 By Putsch

The EBP 420 is our most popular compact edgebander because it combines the simplicity of the EBP 320 with additional space for edge scraping, glue scraping and/or buffing operations.

REBP 950 By Putsch

The EBP 950 is our most flexible edgebander with enough space in the chassis for the complement of scraping, spray and buffing operations. This model can be offered with pre-mill and/or corner rounding in a highly compact footprint.


Any inexperienced user who values quality, processing performance and ease of use will find an optimal solution in the Novimat Compact L12. This edgebanding machine handles all aspects of edge processing, offering a highly professional approach to industrial edgebanding. Coiled materials and lippings can be applied with glues such as EVA or PUR. The Compact L12 edgebanding machine fully meets the demands of edge processing at the initial industrial level.


The Novimat Compact R3 edgebanding machine makes highly professional edge processing possible on an industrial scale. This IMA edgebander handles all aspects of edge processing. Coiled materials can be applied with glue such as EVA or PUR. It also includes additional units for grooving or smoothing operations.

BIMA Cx40 / E / R By IMA

BIMA Cx40 / E / R is the new ergonomic CNC-processing center range with integrated C-axis for high-quality and flexible complete processing of individual small batch and batch size-1 fabrication of furniture components and components for interior fittings.

The BIMA Cx40 range of products is an intelligent machine concept combining minimal processing times with maximum operating efficiency.

Top 2000 Altendorf By Hebrock

The top 2000 series offers edge banding machines, which have proven themselves for many years in craft businesses all over the world. Robust, reliable and reduced to the essentials. With the plus of safety and comfort due to the latest dual keying.

F2 Altendorf By Hebrock

You couldn’t wish for a better start in edgebanding. Not only is the 3.3 m long F 2 affordable and frugal in its footprint, but it also includes the equipment you need to achieve perfect edges from the very outset: DIA-assembled pre-milling cutters ensure workpieces are ideally prepared for edgebanding. Features include a premilling unit (to 2 mm), fast-heating glue pot, trim saw, top and bottom milling station and optional surface scraper. Finish edges to perfection – right from the very beginning.

F4 Altendorf By Hebrock

Anyone wanting to produce completely finished edges in a machine with a space-saving 4 m footprint length need look no further than the Hebrock F 4. Even the standard specification includes pre-milling, edge processing and a surface scraper. The radial profile shaper is available as an option for edge finishing. The F 4 is very convenient to use too thanks to the optional SPS touch screen control unit. Add the adhesive interchanger (colour change) accessory and the F 4 can even work with PUR. Enjoy complete edge finishing – right from the very beginnin

F5 Altendorf By Hebrock

If you need maximum performance, the Hebrock F 5 is the solution of choice for edgebanding in demanding trade settings. The F 5 includes all of the components you need to meet your edge processing requirements in full every step of the way: pre-milling unit, pressure zone, trim saw, milling unit, radial profile shaper, corner rounding unit, surface scraper, buffer unit. Its impressive specification and the scope this provides for adding and exchanging processing units mean that the F 5 can be configured to your specific requirements with great flexibility. Discover for yourself how the Hebrock F 5 creates the perfect edge from material cutting to final post processing.

AKV DK-F 3006 Altendorf By Hebrock

Powerful and robust, this Hebrock endurance racer offers unimagined possibilities. Designed for the highest demands, the AKV DK-F 3006 stands for absolute reliability and productivity in daily use.

AKV 3007 DK-F Altendorf By Hebrock

Edge banding at its best. The AKV 3007 DK-F sets new standards in multitasking and comfort. So that no wish remains unfulfilled and no order unprocessed. Of course from A to Z Made in Germany and an example of throughput and service life.

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