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Quick Chop By Cameron

The Quick Chop is a complete and affordable push feed chop saw optimization system.

1. Using a luminescent crayon, the operator marks a board for defects and places the board on the stops. These crayon marks will not appear on the cut board.

2. With the push of a button the chop saw operator can select which cutting bill to use on the board. Unlike the slow 'paddle' measuring/defecting technique, the operator does not have to walk from one end of the board to the other to determine the board's length.

3. The servo controlled pusher/scanner then scans the board for length and the location of the crayon marks. The board is then dropped in front of the pusher/scanner and it is fed into the saw and cut at the optimum positions based on the data collected.

As the board is being cut, the operator can mark the next board, place it on the stops and select the next cutting bill, so that it can be scanned immediately the instant the previous board is finished.

Three stages of operation provide for a faster production rate.

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