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The Rip One By Cameron

The Cameron Automation Rip-One is a complete lumber scanning, optimization, and gang ripping work cell designed for smaller shops. It increases productivity dramatically by transforming gang ripping into a single person operation. This is achieved by incorporating an inexpensive but extremely powerful high resolution 3D scanning system.

Opti-Rip By Cameron

Cameron Automation's Largest Infeed for the High Production Lumber Mills and Large Woodworking Factories.

Adaptable to many Material Handling Systems
(1) Operator Runs Whole Process from Bundle Dumper through to Rip Saw
Same Industry Leading Features of the Cameron Quick Rip for High Yield and Accuracy
Compatible with all 24" & 40" Fixed saws, and most Moving Arbor Saws on the Market

Quick Rip By Cameron

The Quick Rip is a complete Rip Saw Optimization Infeed in a simple and compact package with virtually the same footprint as an operator hand feeding with a stack of lumber.

Innovative Fenceless Design allows for the Industries most Accurate Infeed
Auto-Skew Feature Improves Yields 2-3% Over the Competition
Compatible with All Fixed Blade and most of the Moving Arbor Saws

The Skew By Cameron

With an unbelievably low price, The Cameron Skew opens our product line to owners of every gang rip saw. The Skew offers features of a much more expensive system, in an inexpensive and compact machine.

Improve Safety by Removing the Operator from the Kick-back Danger Zone
Lumber savings by increasing yields 7-10% over Hand Feeding
Improved Data Collection with Fully Integrated Rip Software

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