Vertical Panel Saws

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SVP 133 M/145 M/145 A By Putsch

The Putsch® precision panel saw SVP 133 and SVP 145 models are compact and highly versatile cutting systems, suitable for a wide range of applications. 

The Putsch® SVP 145 is the standard vertical panel saw model.

The SVP 133 is the smaller version of the identically constructed SVP 145.

SVP 320 M/420 M/420 A By Putsch

This new series of compact saws combine the latest improvements of the SVP 145 with the premium features and performance of the SVP 980 model saw.

The SVP 420 model is available in either automatic or manual versions. The SVP 320 is available only as manual.

SVP 950 M/A By Putsch

The Putsch® precision panel saw SVP 950 model is a highly robust, top-of-the-line industrial machine for use in such industries as furniture construction, curtainwall manufacturing or timber milling.

Available in both automatic and manual versions.

SVP 980 M/AT By Putsch

The Putsch® precision panel saw SVP 980 series is a fully-automated premium model for extended industrial use. The automatic cutting operation increases the rate of material processing, thus reducing per unit cost.

An automatic version is available with a touch-screen. A manual version is also available.

SVP 420 ALU By Putsch

The SVP 420 ALU allows the milling and cutting of aluminum composite panels and similar materials.

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