For over 70 years, Timesavers has been setting the industry standards for technology, innovative power and flexibility.


Our wood sanders are built with professional craftsmanship in mind, utilizing the best and most durable components to guarantee peerless performance and reliability. We understand that each woodworking project has unique requirements and specifications, and that’s why we offer an extensive variety of sanders to match your needs. Timesavers will stop at nothing to ensure that you find the perfect machine for your application, saving you valuable time and increasing your bottom line in the process.


We offer high-quality and affordable machinery for widebelt sanding & calibrating, orbital sanding, veneer & lacquer sanding, brush sanding, panel sanding, heavy stock removal and more.

With over 50,000 machines in the field today, we are the leader in technical solutions, custom applications, and product quality.  No other company in the industry provides U.S. based customer and field support and offers the lowest cost of ownership. That’s why nothing beats a Timesaver.


Accept no substitutes.


Connect with Quis:

Quis Machinery Inc.

P.O. Box 15227

Asheville, NC 28813


Phone: 828-490-7716

Email: Office@quismachinery.com









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