AKA: Roller Hold Down Series

Manufacturer: C.R. Onsrud (NC, USA)

Type: Fixed Bridge / Moving Table

Industry: Furniture, Case Goods, Millwork, Signs, Aerospace, Boats, OEMs

C.R. Onsrud RH Series (Roller Hold Down) CNC routers provide the ultimate in flexibility for CNC routing – single sheet / stacked sheet, small part / large part, rollers engaged / disengaged – delivering the capability and flexibility of having multiple CNC machines for the cost (and footprint) of one. 

The rugged, fixed bridge design of our RH Series machines feature two fully automated rollers on each side of the cutting spindle envelope, which engage the sheet material to maintain firm contact with the router’s table. The RH design makes this machine perfect for holding down warped stock, multiple stacked sheets, or when machining narrow, low surface area parts. 

The RH Series is an established CNC routing workhorse in the industry and we continue to add the options and improvements needed by our customers to keep them outperforming the competition! Material handling, part identification, pusher sweeper, debris collection, automated infeed/outfeed tables, robotic arm loading and more are all components which deliver time-savings and world-class production power when mated to the RH Series by C.R. Onsrud.