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Altendorf Group

Country Of Origin: Germany, Poland

US Location: Mooresville, NC

Company History:

When you look back at the long history of Altendorf, there have been many highs on the road to today's position of enviable success. The company is named after Wilhelm Altendorf, the man who invented the sliding table saw back in 1906. His engineering vision was the basis for the company, one which underwent considerable changes in the 1950s. Kurt and Willy, Wilhelm's sons, decided to reshape the enterprise to focus on sliding table saw production exclusively, such was the demand in Germany and elsewhere for high-performance machines of this type. A working policy to this technology was developed which became known as the 'Altendorf system', something that no other engineering group around the globe could reproduce adequately.

Over the years, production grew steadily at Altendorf. One thousand machines were produced in 1963. By 1975, the company was making over three thousand sliding table saws per annum. The business passed through two further generations and was most recently led by Tom Altendorf, who continued to run the enterprise in the family tradition. In 2017, however, the news was that the family decided to withdraw from the business completely when it sold its remaining shares and the company passed into new directorship. The Altendorf brand is now recognized as one that is synonymous with the sliding table saw in well over 130 locations worldwide. Indeed, the current owners have built on the brand's reputation for engineering excellence, high-quality service, and product reliability.

In January 2019, the new owners established the Altendorf Group of America to build on the brand's reputation in North America. A new facility was set up in Mooresville, NC as a base of operations that is specifically intended to focus on the technical needs of American wood processing and joinery businesses.  The NC facility Features an impressive product showroom and also houses spare parts.

Altendorf and Hebrock have always enjoyed an amicable relationship, historically being family-owned companies, both originally from the same area.  In the woodworking manufacturing industry, both brands are respected for their high-quality wood processing capabilities and innovative technological developments.  From now on, the two brands will operate together in the US under the umbrella of the Altendorf Group of America. Any business that works with wood, lumber, cabinets, or furniture manufacturing in the US will want to make use of its leading woodworking tools. 

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