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Country Of Origin: Germany, USA

US Location: Fort Mill, SC

Company History:

WEIMA is known worldwide for its high standards when it comes to quality. Our shredders and briquette presses are steady, reliable, and economic—and in terms of innovation, we’re constantly raising our standards. Those who order machines from us can rest assured that they’re getting a custom-made solution of the highest quality.


WEIMA machinery is ideal for processing manufacturing scrap of all kinds-- wood, paper, plastic, metal, fiber, film, rippings and blocks-- to name a few. Adding a WEIMA machine to your operation can save you money in waste disposal costs, personnel, and sometimes even reduce your energy consumption each month. Green technology will reduce your operation's environmental footprint as well.


For more than 30 years our global operation has been focused on the art of shredding and briquetting. We develop and produce in Germany and supply worldwide. Since the foundation of our company in 1986 we have delivered around 30,000 machines. That makes us proud and motivates us!

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