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Country Of Origin: Spain

US Location: Conover, NC

Company History:

Intorex SA was established in 1982. The objective of the company has always been the satisfaction of the customer’s needs by offering flexible, innovative, and effective solutions.

Located in Sant Pere de Torelló (Barcelona), in a plant which covers an area of 5000 m2 and a total workforce of over 30 employees, Intorex has continuously developed new products with important innovations. Thanks to this, Intorex has become one of the leading companies producing CNC lathes and machining centers (between centers).

Intorex exports 90% of its production, and the machinery is present in factories located in more than 40 countries worldwide.

INTOREX aims to offer each customer products of the highest quality. With this philosophy, we submit all procedures to rigorous controls; purchase of raw materials, production, installation, and service.

Striving for continuous improvement means investing in all elements that support innovation on an ongoing basis. We innovate in order to achieve process, product, and service excellence. We are always looking to go a step further.

INTOREX provides after-sale services through professional and reliable trained employees. Optimal service and individual consultations. We offer solutions suitable for each company's requirements.

We establish an online connection between our service department and the computer of the machine. We localize the malfunction using the latest applications and then eliminate the error using targeted measures.

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