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ROI Industreis

Country Of Origin: USA

US Location: Durham, NC

Company History:

For over a decade, ROI Industries has delivered exceptional custom tooling and automation solutions to clients from a variety of industries. We specialize in prescribing solutions that align with your long-term strategy, help you solve difficult production issues, and streamline your entire process from start to finish.


We carry industry-leading technology including machine vision, vacuum End of Arm Tooling (EoAT), vacuum manipulators, engine stands, and compact palletizing equipment. ROI Industries is also proud to introduce PalletPOD, a new product suite designed to alleviate the stress and risk associated with manual palletizing.


Work smarter, not harder with PalletPOD. ROI Industries has proudly serviced facilities and plants nationwide and around the globe with industry-leading customer service. Reach out to our team today, and find out why companies from all over trust ROI Industries to deliver exactly what they need.


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