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Country Of Origin: Sweden, USA

US Location: Charlotte, NC

Nederman has a long history. Founded by Philip Nederman in 1944, the company became a pioneer in developing solutions for air pollution control inside production facilities, protecting workers' health and improving their workplace. Nederman has continued to develop products and systems for a safe, clean and efficient workplace, and today has the market's most complete range of products and services to protect people, planet, and products from harmful effects of industrial processes.


In 2010 Nederman acquired Dantherm Filtration and in 2012, EFT (Environmental Filtration Technologies) was acquired, doubling the company in size and forming the world’s leading company within industrial air filtration, supplying solutions for air pollution control for both the inside and the outside of factories.


Today, Nederman is a global leader in industrial air filtration and resource management. Their products and solutions contribute to reducing the environmental impact from industrial production processes and to creating a safe and clean working environment whilst boosting production efficiency.

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