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Country Of Origin: Italy

US Location: Conover, NC

Company History:

PADE is a renowned leader in the manufacturing of specialty machinery for the wood industry. Since its establishment in 1965, PADE has launched hundreds of machinery models: From purely mechanical machines to fully automated CNC work centers.

PADE products are designed and built according to the highest engineering standards. The aim is to offer a complete range with dedicated solutions applied to each aspect of the industry's needs.

PADE takes pride in the innovative spirit of the Italian mechanical tradition. All PADE machinery is engineered and manufactured in their Cabiate factory in Como, Italy.

PADE mas made significant investments in employees' professional skills to continue their wide range of innovative and competitive solutions backed by prompt and confident service.

PADE USA, LLC was established and in 2015 in partnership with PADE Italy. The goal is to provide the best equipment available to meet your manufacturing needs.  The Conover, NC showroom offers spare parts & support as well as software training. 

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