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Country Of Origin: Italy, USA

US Location: Charlotte, NC

Company History:

Cefla Finishing belongs to the Cefla Group and is the world’s leading solutions provider for coating and digital printing technologies serving the wood, wood-derivative, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, fiber-cement, and composite material finishing industries. Customers who choose Cefla Finishing machines and plants span from big names in construction, furnishing, and design to key players in the automotive, aerospace, lifestyle, and electronics sectors.

At Cefla Finishing we design and build turnkey coating plants, finishing machines, and finishing lines. Thanks to an outstanding skill set, built up through over 60 years’ market experience, thanks to specialized know-how and a unique vocation for innovation, we lead the way in the development of decoration, lamination, wrapping, and industrial digital printing technologies: from the automation of coating systems and the efficiency-enhancing digitalization of processes to the veneering of panels and profiles in wood, wood-based materials, glass, ceramic, composite materials, and plastic, for the construction, aerospace, furnishing, packaging, aerospace and automotive industries and any business that performs finishing as part of its production process.

The North American headquarters in Charlotte is home to the USA’s best-equipped finishing lab. Our customers and partners can test their substrates and finishing processes under realistic manufacturing conditions to assess the advantages of Cefla finishing systems.

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