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EPISTOLIO ROBOTS are engineered and constructed using innovative materials and updated technological solutions, in order to be among the most flexible and user-friendly machines in the market

Epistolio painting robots can be equipped with different programming system, such as:

SELF-LEARNING: Through this system is possible to use the structure of the robot, which is very light and balanced, to make an initial painting of the pieces. Our control system will record the movements and all the signals and will store them in a program that can be executed automatically by the robot.

POINT TO POINT: For pieces that are geometrically defined by regular surfaces bounded by segments, circles, or curves, will be possible to create the painting program just selecting some significant points on the object and connecting/elaborating them through a simple software developed by Epistolio.

AUTOMATIC SCANNING SYSTEMS: For those Customers which are looking for totally automatic solutions, Epistolio has developed vision systems of photocells, cameras, and lasers that are able to define the shape and the dimensions of the surfaces to be painted and to automatically create the related painting programs.

OFFLINE: Epistolio has developed different software tools for offline programming of the robot. In this case, the robot is programmed as a CNC machine.

A CAD/CAM software is importing the 3D drawing of the piece and is generating the robot path. Through a simulator, is possible to verify the movements of the robot and the results of the painting from the computer, before executing the program automatically.

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