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Taylor Clamp Carriers

The Clamp Carrier line is designed to meet all needs for sizes and volumes. Machine Model Categories are as follows:

  • The Swing Style for small and medium shops

  • The Classic Line our most versatile machines

  • The Automated Line for high production

Price: Call 828-490-7716 for a quote

Taylor Clamp Carriers

#80U Swing Style

The Swing Style Clamp Carrier is designed for small and medium shops. The simple design is easy to use and has the power to handle big jobs.

Designed for the Small and Medium Shops who produce up to 250 – 300 Panels per Day

#815A / #80V – Semi-Automatic Clamp Carrier

The Semi-Auto Clamp Carrier is an ideal system when a wide variety of products are to be glued. This is Taylor’s most versatile Clamp Carrier Design.

Designed for the shops who need to Produce up to 500 – 600 Panels per day

#80Z / #80ZP – Automated Clamp Carrier

The Taylor Automated is the Industry’s Standard in Room Temperature Edge Gluing.

Designed for the shops producing up to 900 – 1000 panels per day or shops that put efficiency as a premium.

#80Z / #80Y – Super Automated Clamp Carrier

Taylor’s Super Automated Clamp Carrier design increases the productivity over the Taylor Automated machine by 20% without any change in operation or additional floor space.

Designed for Large Shops that produce up to 1200 – 1400 Panels per day.

#825A – Semi-Super Automated Clamp Carrier

The Semi-Super Automated Clamp Carrier is made for higher production.

Increase the Productivity over a Standard Semi-Auto Machine by up to 30%.

Side Loading Automated Clamp Carrier

Taylor Automated Machine for Gluing & Laminating Long Material.

Efficient Continuous Flow Design to Increase Production of Beams, Posts, Flooring, Railing Stock, Molding Stock, and More!

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