#513B Flooring Nester

Manufacturer: Cameron Automation

Taylor MFG (NY, USA)

Type: Automated Flooring Nesting Machine

Industry: Flooring, Millwork



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513B 500x500 (1).png

The stacking and packaging of nested bundles of Hardwood Flooring has always been a manual process. Cameron Automation has revolutionized this process with the Flooring Nester. Random flooring strips are fed in one end, and nested bundles are produced at the other end. We have a few automated outfeed options, including automatic strapping and the Pallet Nester Outfeed for stacking up pallets of flooring. Designed in house and built in our factory in NY State, the Nester is the industry standard for automatic nesting.

The Cameron Flooring Nester creates accurate nested flooring bundles. Graders feed random lengths of material into one end of the machine, and the Flooring Nester releases a consistent, nested bundle of flooring out the opposite end. Most importantly, it creates bundles of the exact square footage you want to sell, increasing your profits by up to 3%.