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Quick Fit Ducting

Manufacturer: Nordfab USA (NC, USA)

Type: Modular Quick Fitting Ducting.

Industry: All Dust/Fume Generating






For more than 40 years, Nordfab® ducting has been used around the world for dust collection in wood shops, from one-person shops in home garages to large manufacturing plants. Because Nordfab’s Quick-Fit® duct is well-constructed, modular, and easy to put together or take apart, and because it is re-usable, it has become a standard for ducting in the woodworking industry.

Nordfab is the perfect match for any growing wood shop or manufacturing facility because: 

  • Quick-Fit (QF) ducting can be installed by almost anyone – components are assembled with a simple clamp, and Gripple hangers are easy to install to keep duct securely in place. 

  • QF duct can easily be disassembled (unclamped) for relocation when woodworking machines are moved / or changed or new machines installed in the shop. 

  • QF is a modular system available in diameters from 3" - 24" (for high wear applications, heavy-gauge ducting available in 8" - 24" diameters). 

  • QF duct can easily be moved from one building to another.

  • Leakage is virtually non-existent, resulting in a highly efficient system where the suction is provided to the machines, not leakage in the ductwork.

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Quick Fit Ducting
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