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Robotic Processing


Mobile Compact Palletizer

Manufacturer: ROI Industries (NC, USA)

Type: Automated Palletizer

Industry: All

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The ROI Compact Palletizer is the answer for many end of line palletizing operations. With a small footprint in a pre-assembled package, the ROI Compact Palletizer is easy to set up, and quickly provides a return on your investment.  

Palletizing operations for slow to moderate rate packaging lines are a problem for most companies. Repetitive motion injuries and training / re-training costs can eat away at productivity and profits.  
Space constraints in existing facilities are also a challenge.

Reconfiguring production lines for end of line automation is typically prohibitive or nearly impossible without major and costly changes.  

The ROI Compact Palletizer may be the solution you have been looking for. The small size is easy to fit into existing tight spaces, typically not taking more space than what is currently being used for manual palletizing. AND, the system eliminates the ergonomic and repetitive motion issues of manual palletizing operations. 

Pallet POD
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